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Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, by Dr. Eduardo Morera

Dr. Eduardo Morera, otorhinolaryngologist at the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO), analyzes the virtues of the surgical technique that allows modification of the shape and size of the nose:“Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the surgical technique that allows us to modify the shape and size of the nose using a piezoelectric scalpel.

The difference between ultrasonic rhinoplasty and traditional rhinoplasty is that by using this instrument we have much greater precision and we inflame the tissues much less, which has a positive impact on the patient’s postoperative period.

At thesame time, the result is much more precise, much more predictable and much more durable in the long term.When a patient comes to our office asking about ultrasonic rhinoplasty, we advise him, we explore the nose and take some photographs to make a modification of the facial features in a computer program and we agree with the patient on the type of nose we are going to project”.