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  • Home rest for three days and relative rest and no physical exertion for 10 days
  • Abundant hydration (water, juices, syrup…) despite the discomfort when swallowing
  • Bland and cold diet for about 10 days. Avoid eating foods that may open the surgical scar, such as fried potatoes or bread crust. You should not eat very hot food
    hot. In case of very intense pain on swallowing, you can administer the analgesic 20 minutes before the meal
  • It is normal for the first day or two after surgery to have some tenths.
  • It is normal for the ears to hurt.
  • If there are erosions on the lips, treat them with petroleum jelly.
  • It is normal to have whitish discharge in the tonsillar bed, this does not mean that there is an infection, but rather that it is the scar that is seen as a large “white spot.”
  • You should follow the treatment with antibiotics and painkillers that was indicated at discharge
  • In case of bleeding from the mouth or with abundant traces of blood in the saliva, cervical stiffness or high fever (over 38º C), you should go to the emergency room or contact your doctor