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From the moment of discharge, you must remain on home rest on the day of surgery

  • Avoid physical exertion, such as lifting weights for a week.
  • You can not drive any kind of vehicles or use dangerous machinery until 24 hours after the intervention.
  • You can not drink alcoholic beverages until after the first three days. The diet should be soft and moderate for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • It is normal to have a dry mouth due to not being able to breathe through the nose, as well as some pain and swelling that will subside with the painkillers we have given you.
  • It is advisable to sleep a little incorporated, to facilitate breathing.
  • It is normal to feel nasal obstruction during the first weeks, gradually it will disappear.
  • If you have to sneeze, you will do it with your mouth open.
  • You will ooze some blood and secretions through your nose.
  • In case you were taking aspirin or other antiplatelet medication before the operation, you should consult with your doctor when to restart the treatment
  • In case of heavy bleeding from the nose or mouth, severe pain that does not subside with the recommended painkillers, or fever above 38ºC, go to the emergency room or contact your doctor.