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  • From the moment of discharge you must remain at home rest for the first three days after surgery and avoid physical exertion such as heavy lifting.
  • You may not drive any kind of vehicle or use dangerous machinery until 72 hours after surgery.
  • You can not drink alcoholic beverages until after the first three days. The diet will be moderate amount for the first 24 hours. In case of pain when chewing, avoid hard foods.
  • Avoid sleeping on the operated side.
  • You may stain the dressing or bandage with some blood on the first day and more lightly for a few more days.
  • You may have some discomfort or slight pain that will subside with the indicated pain relievers.
  • In the event that you present with paresis or facial paralysis, you will follow the following instructions:
  • Because you are unable to blink, you will have problems with eye protection from air and dust particles.
    dust particles, so when you go outside you should wear glasses, preferably “sunglasses”
  • Avoid “touching” the eye and keep it moist by frequently applying drops of saline or artificial tears.
  • At night at bedtime, a lubricating eye ointment should be applied and the eye should be occluded with an eye patch or a strip of adhesive tape.
  • If the eye becomes very red and you feel intense pain when blinking, you may have developed a corneal lesion so you should contact us or your ophthalmologist.
  • You should contact your doctor or go to the Emergency Room if your face becomes very swollen or starts to bleed from the wound, as well as in case of very severe pain that does not
    pain that does not subside with the recommended painkillers or fever higher than 38ºC.