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The salivary glands, by Dr. Fabián García

Dr. Fabián García, otolaryngologist at the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO), explains the functions of the salivary glands and the problems that can occur.The salivary glands are organs located in the vicinity of the oral cavity and are responsible for the production of saliva and its extraction into the oral cavity through a duct.The salivary glands can be affected by different pathologies. Inflammations or infections may appear at the level of the salivary glands, which usually cause an increase in their volume and pain and which, on many occasions, are secondary to the obstruction of the drainage duct by a calculus.Likewise, various types of tumors may develop in the salivary glands, although it is true that most of them are benign in nature, there is a considerable percentage of tumors with malignant potential .

At the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO) we have extensive experience in the management of salivary gland pathology and we have all the technical means for its correct diagnosis and treatment”.