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Sleep Disordered Breathing, by Dr. Jacoba Alba

Dr. Jaboca Alba explains what sleep disordered breathing is and how it affects not only the patient’s quality of life, but also that of those who live with the patient:Snoring is the part of otorhinolaryngology that studies sleep disordered breathing, which is a very common pathology among the general population.This pathology affects both the patient and the quality of life of the person accompanying the patient and, depending on the degree of severity of the pathology, it can seriously affect the general health of the individual.

The approach to this pathology must be multidisciplinary and the treatment will involve different specialists such as the pulmonologist or otolaryngologist, but also the psychiatrist, neurologist, dentist or maxillofacial surgeon, depending on the case.At the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO) we are experts in treating this type of pathology and we have the latest technology and the latest advances, both for the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions”.