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Nasal ventilatory insufficiency, by Dr. Eugenio Hack

Dr. Eugenio Hack, otolaryngologist at the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO), explains how to treat nasal ventilatory insufficiency, which is very common among the patients who come to our clinic:“Nasal ventilatory insufficiency is a problem that affects 30% of the patients in our clinic.It is aproblem of ventilatory difficulty that can be inflammatory, allergic or infectious.

It is due to a structure inside the nose that allows the air to reach an ideal temperature and humidity.This structure must be reduced in size so that the air can pass between the septum and the inferior turbinate.The procedure is very simple: it is called turbinate radiofrequency. Absolutely nothing is cut because it is an electrolysis, where what is done is to reduce the size of the turbinate through a procedure that dehydrates the turbinate. Therefore, there is no type of problem or adverse effect.At the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO) we have all the necessary equipment to be able to achieve these optimum results.