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Nasal obstruction, by Dr. José Manuel Meléndez, M.D

Dr. José Manuel Meléndez details the consequences of nasal obstruction, a very common symptom in patients treated at the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO):Nasal obstruction isa very common symptom of the patients we see in our offices, and it can have various causes, such as atomic, physiological or inflammatory. It can have various causes, for example atomic, physiological or inflammatory.A deviated nasal septum is a very common cause of nasal obstruction, as can an inflammatory problem caused, for example, by allergic rhinitis.It has been estimated that up to one third of the population has, to some degree, nasal obstruction. The problem is that only a quarter of these patients seek a solution.As it is a pathology that can have various causes and is most likely multifactorial, it is important to perform a proper assessment to find out where the problem lies. At the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO) we have the latest technology to make an adequate diagnosis and to be able to offer the patient an optimal management of the problem.