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do you need an otolaryngologist?

Let’s start by defining what an otolaryngologistis and how the services of an otolaryngologistcan help you..

An otolaryngologist is a physician trained in the management and treatment, both medically and surgically, of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck.

Their skills encompass the diagnosis and management of diseases of the ears, sinuses, larynx, oral cavity and upper pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as structures of the neck and face. Otolaryngologists diagnose, treat and manage disorders specific to the specialty, but also many general health problems related to the area in both children and adults

what do otolaryngologists treat?

The ears

The management of diseases that affect our auditory system is the field par excellence of ENT physicians: we specialize in both medical and surgical treatment of hearing, from ear infections, balance disorders, ear noises(tinnitus), disorders of the facial nerve or other cranial nerves, to congenital disorders of the external and internal ears

The nose

The upper airways, such as the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, are another of our competencies as otolaryngologists. Nose care ranges from the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and olfactory disorders to surgical intervention for functional or cosmetic purposes

The throat

Many of the ailments that affect speech or the ingestion of food are also part of otolaryngology, as they are usually conditions of the upper aero-digestive tract. We refer to diseases of the larynx, our voice-emitting apparatus, and/or of the pharynx, as the upper part of our digestive tract, such as voice and swallowing disorders or tonsil and adenoid pathologies, which are very frequent in childhood

The head and neck

This central region of the body includes the important nerves that control sight, smell, hearing and facial movements, as well as numerous lymph nodes. Structures close to the head and neck are also the purview of ENT, encompassing the treatment of infectious diseases, benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors, facial trauma and facial deformities.