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Acute vertigo, by Dr. Santiago Quer

Dr. Santiago Quer, otolaryngologist at the Centro Integral de Otorrinolaringología (CIO), analyzes the effects, myths and diagnosis of acute vertigo.Acute vertigo is a pathology that is quite common for otolaryngologists because it is a fairly frequent reason for visits to our offices and it is a type of pathology that, moreover, is usually of great concern to our patients.Normally, it is not usually of great importance or severity. However, itis quite disabling and affects the life, daily tasks and quality of life of patients.There are many myths surrounding vertigo and I think the main one is that “vertigo is something you have to live with and get used to”, which is not the case. Most of the patients with vertigo who come to us for consultation, we achieve with different techniques, both diagnostic and treatment, that they are very well controlled and with a minimum affectation of their usual life in case they have it.The diagnosis and knowledge of this type of diseases are fundamental because although it is true that, normally, they are pathologies that are not serious, in a few occasions, there may be a more serious problem behind them.

Vertigo should always be seen by an otorhinolaryngologist and, if possible, by a specialist in otoneurology because they can be treated and it is possible, on many occasions, to remove these pathologies completely and diagnose them properly“.